Te Mooi

Our focus

Te Mooi is a progressive, commercially focused Speckle Park Program. We are dedicated to quality and committed to providing the genetic tools our clients need to improve their bottom line. Our approach is balanced and holistic with a focus on what drives profit in the beef industry. When you boil it all down it’s kilograms per hectare and price per kilogram that count. Improved performance results in improved profit.

Our responsibility

As seed stock producers we have an obligation to supply reliable, profit improving genetics. When you buy a low birth weight bull, he had better produce low birth weight calves. If you select a bull to improve marbling, he had better deliver. We take this responsibility very seriously, and so do all we can to ensure you get what you pay for.

Our commitment

A commercial beef producer’s commitment is clear. Productive females are expensive, as is productive land. You are committed to your program and sacrifice time with family, leisure time and sleep to make it all work. We admire your commitment and are dedicated to give you the genetic tools to improve conception rates, reduce dystocia and produce a product that will achieve premium prices in your target market.

Collaborative measures

Te Mooi Carcase Crew

The Te Mooi Carcase Crew is a collaboration between Te Mooi Speckle Park and a number of forward-thinking commercial beef producers. The concept was born from the desire to progeny-test the sires we were to use in our stud program. As you can tell, we like to be informed and evaluate data. The Carcase Crew gives us information on calving ease, gestation length and days to calving, as they use our stud sires in their commercial herds via AI and natural service.

The resultant progeny are run in contemporary groups and weighed regularly to establish growth patterns, with the majority of male calves sold directly to processors. This gives us feedlot performance data as well as direct carcase information. Many of the heifers will be retained and their reproductive performance will also be evaluated. Unfortunately this information cannot be included in BREEDPLAN, but we analyse it in-house to guide our program.

2021 saw more than 500 F1-calves born in The Carcase Crew, and that number is due to increase rapidly over the next few years. The program is already giving us great information on gestation length and calving ease, and much more is to come. The 2021 calves will be finished on either grass or grain before heading to the processors, from whom we’ll receive actual carcase data on exciting bulls like Minnamurra Pageant P216, Promised Land Eldorado, Wattle Grove Project A, Te Mooi Predator and Te Mooi Quincy.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”
– Carly Fiorina, chair of Hewlett-Packard Co