JAD Quinella Q21

Quinella was a bull we just had to add to our program. He combines tremendous growth with breed leading marbling and near faultless conformation. Like many of our sires he combines wonderful female lines. His four great grand dams are the Bluehens Codiak Teressa 12T, Notta Pho-Finish 54P, Codiak Nice Lady 25N and River Hill Teasher 38T.


Minnamurra Leander L81

He’s so long his front legs are in a different postcode to his back legs. Leander is delivering exceptional growth with an early maturity pattern. He is also producing excellent carcase traits with outstanding muscle and marbling.


Minnamurra Plunderer P196

A breathtaking sire. He has it all. Presence, performance and pedigree. He will shorten gestation length, while delivering breed leading growth and phenomenal carcase attributes.


Promised Land Eldorado

Eldorado was the top priced bull at the 2020 Scone Speckle Park Sale. His pedigree is dripping with quality and he is a breathtaking individual. He was selected for his structure, depth of pedigree and elite marbling. Eldorado’s first calves have arrived and are really looking the part.


Maungahina Quarry Q204

Quarry was the top priced bull at the 2021 Maungahina Speckle Park Sale. He was acquired by Derek Haywards Premier Cattle Company, and we were lucky enough to secure the Australian rights. Quarry was the highest IMF% bull of his contemporary group, in a program that prides itself on marbling. His sire is the renowned Maungahina Kidmans Cove, and his dam is a half sister to the breed shaper Codiak Putnam.


Blue Spark Rogue

Rouge is third generation Australian all around, and the Blue Spark dispersal was a tremendous endorsement of his pedigree. His dam sold for $32,000 and his three full sisters averaged $23,667. Rogue combines strong growth and muscle with moderate birth weight and gestation length. He also ranks second out of 1,240 bulls born in 2020 for scrotal size.


Minnamurra Pageant P216

Pageant has been used extensively in commercial herds and his calves are simply stunning. They are all quality with tremendous growth and, given his profile, we expect them to have excellent carcase quality.


Minnamurra Nestor N73

Nestor is the Aston Martin of the cattle world. Power and performance wrapped up in an elegant exterior that always turns heads. He is an elite growth sire with tremendous carcase quality and short gestation length.


Minnamurra Questacon Q39

Questacon has style, substance and a pedigree packed with breed greats. He dominated his contemporary group for growth and marbling, and has a structure that exudes longevity. Questacon is better than average for both birth weight and gestation length, and has a quiet easy going nature.


JAD Nutcracker N22

Structure, structure, structure. You’ll go a long way to find a better conformed bull than Nutcracker N22. He combines two wonderful female families and consistently produces solid growth with above-average carcase attributes.