Improve your bottom line

Suited to Australian production

Speckle Park are well suited to profitable beef production in Australia. They have a moderate mature size with enough early growth to achieve the carcase size required by the premium markets. They are efficient feed converters, are high yielding and consistently achieve high MSA gradings, largely due to their high marbling and regularly low pH, preventing those costly, dark cutters.

Industry leading measures

Beef industry profitability is driven by efficient growth, quality carcase, and consistent calf production. Speckle Park are showing industry-leading feed efficiencies, growth rates and carcase quality that can meet premium market specifications and attain premium prices. They are also delivering in terms of yield and eating quality. Speckle Park are very fertile and known for their calving ease.

High demand

Producers, feedlotters, and processors are catching on and driving demand. Producers are reporting quality calves that are achieving premium prices through the yards, online, or direct to the processor. Feedlotters are reporting excellent feed conversion and performance, and processors are seeing high yields and tremendous carcase quality. Speckle Park are adding value right throughout the value chain.